April 24, 2006

Dr. House 04/24 on National Public Radio

Dr. Bessie House on 90.3 at 9 Discussing Just-Released 2002 Census Data.

Dr. Bessie House, the founder The Center For The Study of Minority Businesses ( http://www.minority-business.org ) and the Entreprenurial Academy (http://www.eacademy.biz ), discussed just-released Census information detailing minority business both in Ohio and the United States in general on 90.3 WCPN Monday, April 24th 2006. WCPN is the NPR affiliate for Cleveland. Also on the show was Cleveland-area entrepreneur Vickie Trotter, owner of Trotter's Dry Cleaning.

From the 90.3 WCPN site ( http://www.wcpn.org ):
"It's a pretty good time to be a black business owner in Northeast Ohio. Sales, payroll, and sheer numbers are up, according to U.S. Census figures. But the Census figures in question date from 1997 and 2002. Quite a lot has changed since 2002. So, just what is the status of black-owned businesses in Northeast Ohio? And what are the factors that distinguish those who thrive from those who fail? We'll talk about it Monday morning on 90.3 at 9."

Listen to the full audio of the show at
http://www.wcpn.org/podcast/audio/2006/04/0424nine.mp3 . The show was an hour long and offered a lively debate among Dr. House, Vickie Trotter, and a representative from The Small Business Development Center at the Urban League of Greater Cleveland.

If you would like to book Dr. Bessie House for your conference, radio show, or other engagement, please e-mail her at bhouse@kent.edu or call the Center For The Study of Minority Businesses at 330-672-5307 .


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