July 06, 2006

Dr. Bessie House, Keynote Speaker at ABCD, Inc Annual Dinner Meeting

Dear Bessie,
Dr. Bessie House, Director, CSDMB and Entrepreneurial Academy

This is Dr. Bessie House. I would like to welcome you to the new, graphically enhanced blog. This is a publication of the Center for the Study and Development of Minority Businesses and the Entrepreneurial Academy.

We have some big news this issue. This issue, which has a specific theme, focuses on ABCD, Inc., their dinner meeting, Dr. House's keynote speech at this meeting, and Board Chairman John Bustamente's award presentation at the meeting. Dear Dr. House explores an e-mail by Celeste Noah, as well.

Dr. Bessie House, director of the Center for the Study and Development of Minority Businesses and the Entrepreneurial Academy, is the keynote speaker at the 33rd annual dinner meeting of the Association For Better Community Development, Inc (ABCD). This dinner meeting takes place on Thursday, June 29th, 2006; Dr. House’s topic for the talk will be an introduction to the “Ten Personality Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs”. Individuals both introductory and advanced will be able to take hints for Dr. House’s talk.

The fellowship begins at 5:30 P.M. and the program for the dinner begins at 6:00 P.M. The theme of the dinner meeting will be “Right Practices Get Right Results”. Tickets are $35, and the event is taking place at the Old Timers Activity Center, 1844 Ira Turpin Way NE, in Canton, Ohio.

ABCD, Inc was founded in 1972 by Mr. Will Dent. The group currently provides free transportation to elderly individuals, but has created innumerable jobs for minorities through its many businesses, past and present. Their mission statement that "The Association for Better Community Development is a private, non-profit Community Development Corporation committed to improving the quality of life of people primarily in Stark County, through Neighborhood Revitalization, Community Economic Development, Energy Conservation, Family Development, Housing Development, Job Training and Transportation" only covers a small selection of the services that they provide.

Individuals that wish to learn more about ABCD, Inc. can visit their website at http://www.abcdinc.net. Of particular note in regards to their accomplishments has to be the hundreds of houses that they provide to their clientele, as well as their transportation service, which has a ridership hovering around 250 individuals.
Chairman of the Board, John Bustamante, was given one of the highest honors by ABCD, Inc. This honor is the ability to hand out a minority business award at ABCD, Inc's dinner meeting on Thursday, June 29th.

While who wins the award is currently a mystery to all of us at the offices, we are certain that the recipent of this award exemplifies all of the ten personality characeristics that our own Dr. House will be discussing at the dinner meeting.

John Bustamante is a pillar of the business community in Cleveland and all of Northern Ohio. Chairing the First National Bank Association of Cleveland as well as publishing the Call and Post Newspaper, we here at the Center For The Study and Development for Minority Businesses and the Entrepreneurial Academy are fortunate to have his unique brand of guidance.

Here is a letter that we received at the office. Thanks to the writer (Celeste Noah) for giving us the ability to republish this letter for the web. Remember that making connections is one of the best ways to increase the size and scope of your business, and it is precisely this brand of networking that will ensure long-term successes for all involved.

Dr. House -

This morning I had an opportunity to visit your web -site, and I must say "I didn't know that I was in the presence of just greatness." It was so impressive and it allowed me to understand how fortunate I was to have met such a humble beautiful and talented young woman, who lived right here in Cleveland.

God Bless you for the work and the more work that you will continue to do.

I will surely let you know concerning the schedule for our upcoming events, and I look forward to getting to more acquainted with you. Also, if possible I would like to be added to your mailing list.

Celeste Noah

Dear Mrs. Noah: It was truly a pleasure meeting you recently and thank you for your wonderful letter. I was truly humbled by your kind and sincere words. I was delighted to hear about your organization. Thank you for inviting me to speak to your organization. I will ask my publicist to contact you about possible dates and other details about the event. She can also check my schedule for my availability.

Again, thank you for your lovely words and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Bessie House

Finally, we at the Center For The Study and Development of Minority Businesses want to make a call out to any former student of our Center. If you move or have some other method of contact, please contact us! We love hearing about your new businesses, business plans, and any other information that you choose to share with us!

There are individuals in our class that we have not heard from since they stopped attending; keep in touch! Contact information is at the bottom of this blog.


Dr. Bessie House
Director, The Center for the Study and Development of Minority Businesses
Director, The Entrepreneurial Academy


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